25 research topics on trending technologies in 2019

Research is a common task in university courses. As technology becomes more and more advanced and creeps into almost every aspect of life, it is only natural that professors want students to write articles about it. Here you can also check this Inexpensive research paper writing service.

25 technological research topics on trends

Writing about technology is no longer just for computer science students or engineers. Medical students, historians, and even business students might need to write on the subject. Below are 25 technology research topics on the trends surrounding the latest technology updates of 2019. The following list of topics is provided on purpose by a legitimate research paper writing service and can be used for a variety of courses, from business to nursing to IT.

  1. Advances in cybersecurity in 2019. Any device that can connect to the Internet can be hacked. What are cybersecurity companies doing to deal with hackers in 2019?
  2. Artificial Intelligence and Hospitals. Hospitals need to store a large amount of information. Could artificial intelligence help hospitals do this more efficiently? Could this lead to more errors?
  3. Augmented reality and online shopping. In 2019, Amazon launched an app that allows people to see what furniture in their homes would look like before purchasing it. This application uses augmented reality. Could this new technology shape the future of online shopping?
  4. Advances of CGI in Movies and Video Games. In both movies and video games, CGI is becoming more and more realistic. This can easily be seen in movies like Avengers: Endgame, which uses CGI to age and reverse the age of Marvel actors. Are advanced CGIs enhancing digital content or taking it away?
  5. Changes in IT support in 2019. As technology advances, IT professionals need to hone their skills. What do IT support staff need to learn / do compared to previous years to keep the companies they work for?
  6. Digital Voting Machines: Paving the Way for the Future or Encouraging Voter Fraud? The use of voting machines speeds up the voting process. However, this can sometimes lead to skewed results. Common mistakes involve voters’ choices being passed from party to party. Is it worth using these machines, knowing the risk?
  7. How Much Internet Time Should Children Have? Children seem to be spending more time on the Internet each year. While it can help with homework, it can also lead to an increased risk of cyberbullying and internet addiction. What is the ideal screen time for kids who use the Internet?
  8. How new technologies are affecting the pharmaceutical industry. New technology makes it possible to manufacture more drugs at a faster rate. However, the price of drugs (at least in the United States) continues to rise. How else are new technologies affecting the pharmaceutical industry?
  9. How reliable are medical applications? How reliable are medical applications? Which applications are reliable and which are not? Not all medical applications are regulated. How can consumers tell the difference?
  10. How the Internet facilitates outsourcing. Companies often outsource the work to other countries, just because it’s cheaper to hire someone, say from India, rather than from the United States. Write about how the internet makes outsourcing easy.
  11. Is Bitcoin Reliable and Secure? The value of bitcoin fluctuates, just like stocks. It is mainly used on the Internet. Since the price can change, is bitcoin reliable? Argue the pros and cons.
  12. Manage healthcare in the “Cloud”. From essays to medical documents, just about anything can be saved in the cloud. Does this make it easier to access personal health information or does it just make it more likely to be stolen? To discuss.
  13. Autonomous cars and safety. While the cars are not yet fully autonomous, they are certainly on the way to becoming so. Is driving yourself or being in an autonomous car safer? Here are some statistics to get started.
  14. Smart homes and video surveillance. New technologies, such as video doorbells, home security systems and even “smart” thermostats are increasingly popular. Discuss the present and future of home technology.
  15. Social media and data privacy. Websites usually list their data privacy policies in the terms and conditions. Has anyone really read this? What are businesses doing? Or, like Facebook, how does their use of data get them in legal trouble?
  16. The Basics of Blockchain Technology in 2019. What exactly is blockchain? How is it used to keep records of cryptocurrency transactions? Is it reliable? Explain it as if the article is aimed at someone who has never heard of blockchain before.
  17. The ethics of gene editing. Editing genes can help diagnose disease more easily, create GMO foods, and even modify DNA and RNA. Is it ethical? Why or why not?
  18. The future of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is everywhere, from games to cars, and even in medicine. Write about artificial intelligence in 2019 and its possible future advances.
  19. The future of video streaming services. Video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are becoming more and more popular. At the same time, cable television is dying. Will the trend continue? Why is this happening? To discuss.
  20. The rise of cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency was first introduced to the internet in 2009. At the time, it was worth $ 1,000. Today, ten years later, he’s worth thousands more. Write about how cryptocurrency has changed over the ten years it has been available.
  21. Switching from 4G to 5G: what does it mean? In 2019, 5G networks for mobile phones were introduced. Write about the changes from 4G to 5G and what it means for consumers.
  22. Video game addiction in children. Even children can become addicted to video games. What are the signs and / or symptoms? Is it a mental disorder or just bad parenting? To discuss.
  23. Virtual reality and games. Virtual reality games are growing in popularity every year. Write about some popular games and how virtual reality is implemented in them. What could the future of VR gaming look like?
  24. VPN: secure or piecemeal? VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) help encode users’ internet activity so that it cannot be tracked. Is it totally safe? Do some VPN companies just keep user information to themselves? Investigate and write about it.
  25. Why Aren’t Teens Using Facebook? Teens don’t use Facebook as often as they used to. Does it have to do with Facebook’s current user base, or are they just more drawn to other social media websites? Write about the possible causes.

Technology is constantly evolving, which can make it difficult to know what technology research paper subjects to write. Above are 25 Great Trending Tech Topics to Write About in 2019. Feel free to use any of these topics for a research paper. Don’t forget to also use the links provided to start finding sources !.



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