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San Diego, USA, February 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Magnolia Media announces the publication of the “Essay Writing Services: Market Leaders Report” report:

Essay writing has become a popular online service that many students rely on. From 2010 to 2020, the industry grew by 310%, from 30 million to over 90 million. Although the industry has experienced setbacks, such as legislation in Australia blacklisting certain writing services on paper, demand continues to grow. By 2025, the market is expected to reach 200 million, 80% of which is controlled by the 5 most popular essay writing websites.

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This report assessed the traffic and pricing of top essay writing services to estimate their annual revenues over the past decade.

How the best essay writing services were rated

Price – Essay writing services tend to charge per page which includes turnaround time, academic level, subject, etc. In this report, sites that offered quality at great prices scored higher on this list.

Quality – It’s no secret that these essays will be handed out to schools, colleges, or even universities. Even if the student rewrites the content in their own words, the quality of the original piece cannot be overlooked. That is why this article has taken the quality of the content provided into consideration when ranking the best essay writing services on the market.

Writers – Relying on quality, copywriters hired by the platform must be professional, experienced, and able to handle any paper thrown at them. As such, this article has carefully considered how each platform selected writers and what methods were available for the client to contact the writer.

Customer service – Customers are bound to experience issues with any online service at some point. Therefore, this article made sure to examine how customer service at each site handled complaints, reviews, and negative comments.

Top 5 Essay Writing Services in 2021

1. Minors – Best essay writing service overall

Experience matters, and with this writing service, students gain over ten years of industry experience. Grade minors have been around for some time and therefore know how to provide quality papers.

Why choose Grademiners?

  • Simple and understandable pricing policy
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Easy communication between staff, editors and clients
  • Sight calculator
  • Proofreading services available

The process is straightforward. Users simply need to provide details of what they want in their paper and use the online calculator to estimate the price. Rank minors check their writers, make sure they pass a grammar test and a selection interview to ensure your papers are handled by people who know their stuff.

Their prices are competitive, and depending on length, deadline, and other details, customers can pay as little as $ 16 a page. $ 8 per page if proofreading is all that is needed to make sure your paper is perfect.

This company also offers discounts, money back guarantee as well as 24/7 communication through various chat, email and other messaging options. Users can stay in constant contact with the business until a quick deadline is met.

Finally, their reputation online is quite good and their professional demeanor helps ensure that customers are treated the way they should be.

2. 99Paper – Best essay writing service for tight deadlines

It is said to be one of the most ethical writing services that people can use for their homework. The price starts at around $ 9 per page and increases from there based on length etc.

Why choose 99Papers?

  • Competitive prices
  • Handles all types of writing jobs
  • Flexible deadlines
  • Easy to use platform
  • Money back guarantee

99Paper offers an initial 5% discount that adds to your savings and ensures that customers can afford their services without emptying the bank. There is a calculator on site to calculate your costs before signing up and ordering a newspaper.

In addition, users can order essay essays, research papers, citations and even thesis projects, as well as other content projects that they need to be completed by a professional. There is also a money back guarantee. Customers only need to visit the website to find the requirements for getting their money back.

With the straightforward ordering process, users only need to click on the details of their specific needs, and the order will reflect those requirements when the author picks up the project. The company takes pride in making sure your deadlines are met, ensuring that you won’t have to ask for an extension or hand your late paper to your teacher.

3. Test box – Best writing service for students and graduates

The focus of this writing service is more for college students and graduate students. They work with clients around the world and employ approximately 1,800 writers, with a few, who live in different countries.

Why choose Essaybox?

  • Native English-speaking writers
  • Competitive prices
  • Covers a wide range of topics
  • Works with students up to the doctorate. level
  • Easy to use payment system

Like all other copywriting services, their costs per page are competitive, with a minimum price starting at $ 11.40. If you want plagiarism-free papers, customers may need to pay a little extra. Nonetheless, Essaybox’s plagiarism detection will ensure that students don’t get into trouble.

This copywriting service also offers the same services as their competitors, including but not limited to a money back guarantee, original work, 24/7 customer service, unlimited revisions, and more.

There is also a first time discount, but long term customers can get other bonuses if the paper is long enough. In addition, they use native English speakers from Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and other Western countries.

Their area of ​​expertise covers a wide range of topics so that their business is ready to meet the needs of their many different clients. The maximum fee clients can pay should be around $ 60 per page, but that’s for a PhD. level paper with a 3 hour delay.

4. Test plant – Best essay writing service for UK based students

More aimed at students who live in the UK than any other country, this writing service prides itself on good customer service, often responding to inquiries early in the morning quickly.

Why choose EssayFactory?

  • Attractive site
  • Easy to use interface
  • Competitive prices
  • Wide range of topics
  • Wide variety of services and extras

EssayFactory is also meant to be a very ethical writing service because it maintains a strong “on time” policy. This company also has a money back guarantee policy, but this is a gradual guarantee depending on where the paper is currently located during the writing process.

If the paper has not been awarded, you will most likely receive a 100% return on your money. But if the writer started working on paper, clients will get between 50-70% of their money.

In addition to the regular paper drafting service, this company offers editing and proofreading services to ensure that documents receive the best treatment before delivering them.

With a straightforward ordering process, customers should be able to get their assignment on the board in minutes. The cost is around £ 11 per page if you put in a 15 day deadline.

5. Trial-Company – The most affordable essay writing service

Eassy-Company provides an excellent writing service that keeps its promises.

Why choose Easy-Company?

  • Good quality papers
  • On time delivery
  • Takes care of its customers
  • Negative opinions quickly dealt with
  • VIP service available

Eassy-Company provides a good copywriting service to work with. They ensure that homework is all completed on time and at high quality levels. In addition, they contact those who are not satisfied with the writers and tell them about the service they have received.

In addition, the company offers a fair money back guarantee and ensures the confidentiality of its customers. Like their competitors, this writing company also has a wide range of services that it offers.

Their prices per page are said to be among the lowest on the market, and an on-sight calculator helps users figure out their costs before clicking that checkout button. Then the document is rendered with high quality content that should impress any teacher.

Clear company policies help the client know that nothing is hidden from them when using that company for their writing needs.

Best Essay Writing Service Guide

Use these services with caution

While they are not illegal to use, you could be charged with cheating and potentially be expelled if your school finds out. To use articles written by these companies, you must rewrite them in your own words before you make them.

Use a plagiarism checker

Be sure to use your own plagiarism checker, as those employed by these companies are not known to be the best in the world.

Keep an eye out for fake sites

There are many bogus copywriting services out there on the Internet. They can be clones of reputable people and only exist to steal your credit card information.

Look for non-native English writers

Beware of writers, as not all of these writing services employ native English speakers. You need to double-check their work to make sure the writing makes sense.

Best Essay Writing Service: The Result

As long as teachers and universities continue to allocate research papers, essays, etc., there will be essay writing sites that will offer their services to students as a way to ‘meet deadlines’. Although students should trust these sites fall into a gray area, it is ultimately their choice if they decide to work with a trusted essay writing platform.

The price can be steep, but then you are paying for the experience, knowledge, and convenience. When students simply don’t have time to do the research themselves, these writing services come to the rescue.

All you have to do is pick the best of the best to make sure your content is top quality.

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