5 Best Essay Writing Services: Native American Writers

Essay writing services often get a bad rap. Many people believe that there are no legitimate essay writing services out there, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Not everyone has the talents or the time to write a perfect essay every time they need it.

Essay writing services are here to help fill this gap. The point is, some busy students and professionals use these services to accomplish the many tasks they are faced with. They need the help of a legitimate paper writing service every now and then. If you are looking to write a legitimate essay, here are some of the services you can check out.


  1. 99Paper
  2. Test Box
  3. Paper help
  4. TrialPro
  5. EssayHub
  1. 99 papers
  2. Prices start at $ 9 / Page
  3. Minimum delivery time: 3 hours

99Papers has many different products for those looking for writing services, from essays to synthesis projects to speeches and more. Their writers have a wide range of talents and are some of the top talent in the US and UK. They are professional writers, as well as writers experienced in quality personalized writing without plagiarism.

99Papers also takes security seriously. They protect the privacy of their customers with guarantees of anonymity. Editors will never reveal the identity of a customer or inform an institution of the authorship of a product.

99Papers determines its prices based on the academic level of the requested product and the length of time until the deadline. New users will get a maximum discount of 15%. You can also earn up to 15% reward credits which you can spend on future orders.

Submit an order

To get the writing services you need, you start by filling out an online order form with details of the project requirements. An additional chat window is opened for customers to share anything they need their essay writer to know that is not covered by the purchase order. They aim to provide the best possible customer support with quick responses and real-time correspondence.


99Papers offers refunds to unsatisfied customers on their orders. They have a cancellation policy that promises a 50-100% refund on a canceled order, depending on the circumstances.

  1. Test Box
  2. Prices start at $ 12 / Page
  3. Minimum delivery time: 3 hours

Essay Box offers an impressive array of writing services that many other writing companies don’t. Not only do they have writers for essays and other academic writing like lectures and quizzes, but they also have writers to handle business proposals, review drafts, business marketing materials, corporate documents. And much more. They offer 100% personalized essay writing services.

Essay Box editors and customers alike agree that customer support is one of the strengths of the site. Customer Support sends customers an automated response within minutes and delivers a more substantial response from a real representative in just a few moments longer.

Essay Box is so confident in its writing service that it offers a loyalty program. Customers can save up to 15% on their purchases, with total savings of up to $ 400 per year.

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To enjoy the benefits of these wonderful copywriting services, you fill out an order form. You select the quality of writer you want to complete the project and share the details of what that will entail. There are add-ons, such as editing services and plagiarism checks, that customers can turn on or off.

Upon checkout, they strongly encourage customers to pay through PayPal.


Essay Box offers customers unlimited reviews for 10 days after an item is delivered. For larger projects, they offer a 20 day extension.

Essay Box also values ​​anonymity. They ensure that writers and clients are protected in the process of providing print writing services.

  1. Paper help
  2. Prices start at $ 12 / Page
  3. Minimum delivery time: 3 hours

Paper Help is one of the most popular essay writing services. Based in New York City, with offices across the country, they feature writers who are experienced and versed in a variety of subjects.

Paper Help is not only rated as one of the easiest to use and most satisfying writing services, but it is also one of the most affordable. You might be worried about getting your money’s worth, but the quality control of the essay writing is exceptional, leaving many customers more than happy. The quality is reliable every time if you plan to be a returning customer.

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Paper Help makes submitting an order easier for customers. Simply fill out a form that includes all the details your essay writer will need to know. You share the type of paper, subject, format, etc. The deadline will play into your price, so it’s best to plan where you can.

Once you have gone through all the details, you will be taken to the payment page. Once your payment is accepted, you will begin to receive frequent email updates on your paper until you can download the finished product.


Like so many other essay writing services, Paper Help places great importance on customer satisfaction. They ensure that all information shared on the site remains confidential and that the anonymity of customers is protected. Items delivered are guaranteed to be plagiarism-free and a full refund will be given if otherwise delivered.

There are other scenarios where PaperHelp promises a refund. If your mission paper fails, the paper is late, or the writer tries to raise the price, you can get money back. You also get a 70% refund if you cancel your order if more than half the time has passed. If a paper is delivered to you, you are only reimbursed 50%.

  1. TrialPro
  2. Prices start at $ 11 / Page
  3. Minimum delivery time: 6 hours

EssayPro is one of the most popular legitimate essay writing services. They are also one of the oldest, providing some of the best essay writing services online over the past two decades. They have over 400 copywriters on their team who work to provide quality copywriting services.

EssayPro works differently from most other essay writing services when it comes to pricing. They aim to offer lower prices by giving the majority of the offer to writers. They also put clients in direct contact with copywriters, unlike other departments. You can even talk to your editor via SMS, so you can send SMS updates and answer questions throughout your day.

Submit an order

To submit an order for writing services with EssayPro, you will start with a form where you will share your project details and instructions with your writer. You will have the option to download any necessary material.

In seconds, their system delivers the writers’ offers on the project to you. You will choose the best combination of writer and price that works for you. Once you have selected a writer, you will have a chat window to communicate with your writer.


EssayPro guarantees that writers provide legitimate and 100% plagiarism free writing services. Also, they promise that there are no fees or hidden charges in their writing services.

If you believe you haven’t received a quality trial, EssayPro offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  1. EssayHub
  2. Prices start at $ 11 / Page
  3. Minimum delivery time: 6 hours

EssayHub provides writers with all types of writing styles ready and enthusiastic to deliver a quality essay. They’ve also branched out from simple essays, offering all kinds of professional writing services from trusted writers across the United States.

Those who have used EssayHub’s print writing services like writers to communicate frequently. They are thorough to make sure they understand instructions and meet expectations. Some editors will update clients with every paragraph or page. They’re also very selective when it comes to hiring writers, so you know you’re getting the best writing around.

Submit an order

Many have noted that EssayHub is an editorial service with a very user-friendly interface. It’s easy for people who aren’t tech-savvy to place orders. It’s also easy to download any additional information your editor might need, from notes to book pages, etc.

Once you submit your order, you will receive a selection of writers to choose from. Editor profiles include data on their success rate, reviews, completed orders, and graduation.


EssayHub wants its customers to feel supported. They offer 24 hour customer support for any issues that may arise during the essay writing process. They also promise that their writers will deliver quality, on-time work that will help you get your grades and reach your goals. If you are not happy with the writing service and can prove that your grades have been negatively affected, they are ready to reimburse you if appropriate.


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