Chamoli disaster: Communicating an opinion to those in charge on a research document

New Delhi, January 2 (IANS): Three officials from the Uttarakhand State Disaster Management Authority (USDMA) and one from the state government’s Rural Development Department received a presentation notice, inquiring whether their scientific paper on the disaster de Chamoli in February 2021 has been published with or without permission.

The presentation notice was released on Dec. 28 by the additional CEO (administration) of the Uttarakhand government’s disaster management and rehabilitation department, an official said on Saturday.

Peeyush Rautela, Rahul Jugran and Girish Chandra Joshi of USDMA and Surabhi Kundliya, consultant to the Department of Rural Development, had written the research paper entitled “Sequential Damming Induced Winter Season Flash Flood in Uttarakhand Province of India” in issue d ‘October from Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences.’

Writing about the Chamoli disaster in February 2021, in which more than 200 people died in flash floods triggered by an ice-breaking incident in the Rishi Ganga valley, the authors concluded: “The lack of a system warning only enhanced the devastation caused by the floods. Legally Binding Disaster Risk Assessment regime, along with robust alert generation and dissemination infrastructure are therefore recommended for all major infrastructure projects. “

Based on the published scientific article, local media released several reports outlining the department’s shortcomings.

“Tracing the source of the media reports, we find that this is the research article published in the journal. A reading of the article gives the impression that this is your service’s point of view. . (So please specify whether you had obtained prior authorization from the competent authority or not and if so, please provide a copy ”, read the notice of presentation.

The government media adviser, however, sought to downplay the importance of the case by calling it a mere procedural matter. “An official is supposed to ask for pre-authorization if he wishes to publish something on his behalf. This notice simply asks whether he has requested pre-authorization or not and if so, show the copy,” he said. .

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