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Here’s how to start your articles with introductions that effectively orient readers to the topic and grab their attention.

First impressions are important, and this applies to university essays. Not writing a solid introduction is a common writing error on paper which can lead to a poor rating asking write my essay or not. With a solid written introduction, you can grab your teacher’s attention. You can also demonstrate your writing skills and professionalism.

Here are the elements that you should include in most college paper presentations.

Attention step

At the start of your article, include something that makes your reader want to continue. Your attention step doesn’t have to be out of date, but it should be effective enough to engage the reader enough to continue. Remember, keep this section short. There are many creative ways to start paper, but here are some common and effective attention steps:

  • A meaningful quote
  • A humorous but relevant joke
  • A brief personal anecdote from your life that reflects the topic of the article
  • A brief discussion of a current event and how it relates to the topic of the article
  • A shocking statistic or set of statistics
  • A sad, funny or inspiring anecdote about a real or fictitious individual who “personifies” this problem

Thesis statement

Students often struggle with thesis statements, but it is a skill that is essential to master. A well-written thesis statement makes the article much easier to understand, which is a mark of good writing.

The purpose of a thesis statement is to preview the article, so use it as such. List the main points of the article in the thesis very clearly. Then discuss the points in the order in which they were presented in the thesis.

Thesis statements should be short. Unless you are writing a long document, such as a thesis, it should probably only contain one sentence. As much as possible, keep them simple. Here are some very simple thesis statements developed by a professional essay writing service that effectively preview an article:

  • This article discusses the economic growth of three Canadian provinces: Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta.
  • Public opinion on the celebration of Christmas in public schools falls into three categories: arguments strongly against, arguments strongly in favor, and arguments that seek to find common ground.

Relevancy statement

Why should the reader be interested in this topic? Clearly justify why this document is important. If you can, link the topic to current events or issues in some way. This section of the introduction is usually about one paragraph long.

Essential basic information

An introduction is short and should not contain a detailed description of anything. However, the article should briefly define and explain all the basic information needed to understand the rest of the article. It’s a good idea to assume the reader doesn’t know much about this and to clearly explain the topic with this assumption. For example, if you are writing about a bill, briefly discuss what that bill will do. If you are discussing a historical event, give a brief summary of the event.

Presentations… In conclusion

In some ways, introductions are the most important section of a document. They serve to guide the reader through a thesis statement and important background information. They also grab the reader’s attention through an attention step and a relevancy statement. Always take the time to write a solid introduction that contains these four elements.

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