Essay writing as an art

The main civilian exam contains an essay. Most applicants with different backgrounds may not be used to writing an essay in the traditional way. The questionnaire has two sections. The candidate must write two essays choosing one from each of sections A and B of approximately 1000 to 1200 words. Each question has 125 points. When we look back on the previous 2021 quiz, we’ll get a sense of the examiner’s mindset. Candidates are advised to go through at least 7-8 years of previous questions to get an idea of ​​the variety of questions that appeared earlier. Let’s look at the 2021 document.

Section A

I The process of self-discovery has now been technologically outsourced.

I Your perception of me is a reflection of you, my reaction to you is an awareness of me.

I The philosophy of wantlessness is a utopia, while materialism is a chimera

I The real is rational and the rational is real.

Section B

I The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

I What is research but a blind date with knowledge!

I History repeats itself, first as a tragedy, then as a farce.

I There are best practices for best practices.

When we look at the way of questioning, we easily understand that the examiner’s state of mind is to observe the depth of the candidate’s knowledge.

Selection of two subjects

Of the eight questions asked, each has a variety of topics. When choosing the question, one must be careful. The philosophical touch and wider implications of the topic should be considered first. Initially, it seems that most of the questions are philosophical in nature. To impress the examiner, one must master the subject as well as diction and depth of knowledge.

Starting problem

How to start the answer is a very big dilemma. It is observed that one can begin with a quote from a reputable person. You should have three or four quotes in mind to impress the examiner on your knowledge. It should be relevant and relevant to the topic. For

For example, the interrogative hand that rocks the cradle rules the world also appeared earlier. It is meant to explain the empowerment of women and the role of a mother in a person’s life. She is the guide and the philosopher of a child and she prepares the person with the utmost sincerity until he becomes an adult person.

She tells the baby several stories to imbibe the spirit of adventure, simplicity, behavioral sciences and so on. Until it reaches maturity, it is the person who guides the personality to create a culture mindset. The other aspect of the question is that the woman is capable of governing the country and changing the way of life of the whole nation. Here, the example of several national and international leaders can be explained. For example, in India, Indira Gandhi created history by developing the nation and leading the country with her indomitable courage. She has gained international recognition for her dynamic nature. While concluding the essay, it should be explained how the representation of women in the public service has grown.

Paragraph division

The number of words is the most important. Prepare a sketch of how the essay might be attempted. If necessary, statistics are more important to present the ideology. The storytelling style should be dignified. It is not advisable to beat around the bush. Get straight to the point and explain your ideology to the examiner with good diction. The writing style of narration and diction will definitely impress the reviewer and they can award you around 90-100 out of 125 points. Do not go over the word limit. Don’t cut it short by introducing yourself in less than 900 words. Each paragraph can have a caption to attract the reviewer. Consider the complexity of the issue and decide before presenting it in a dignified manner.

The story repeats itself

This question is based on the historical evidence from India and other countries as well. This question is not about history but about how each nation is progressing towards development. Several wars and the aftermath of wars need to be explained in such a way that the real facts are brought to light. Be careful in narrating incidents and personalities who have contributed to the development of the nation. The philosophical touch of the question is to be unearthed in the explanation of the question.

Utopian theory

Utopian theory often envisions an isolated society, under favorable conditions where there can be no injustice if its members conform to the ideals of society. This shows that the definition of Rawlsian theory of ideals arguably holds a viable, albeit simplified, definition of utopia. Social and political philosophy has inherited much from the work of John Rawls. He was widely credited with revising social theory in the 20th century. Among his many contributions is an intuitively simple concept that has sparked controversy and debate. Trying this question should make an impressive mark on the examiner’s mind.

Concluding paragraph

The examiner should be impressed by the final words of the essay. It can be a quote or a summary of the whole narrative of your ideology. We may not accept your ideology but the presentation and the diction, the style must impress the examiner. This test is a gateway to the main exams. Each year, the questioning scheme is different. Most years they have the hallmark of philosophy. Review previous question papers.

Clarity in thought

It is necessary to think clearly while presenting ideas coherently. No need to have bombarding language or high end language. Presenting yourself with dignity with coherent ideas is important. Your goal should be to impress the examiner to get a lot more points. All my wishes.

(The author is Retired Additional Managing Director Doordarshan, Delhi)

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