Essay Writing Service: Professional Writers for Busy Students

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Since the dawn of time, essay writing has been considered a crucial aspect of university education. Essays are the main way for students to creatively show off their critical thinking skills.

Many professors consider essay writing skills to be a major factor in the overall competence and success of undergraduate students. The number of assignments written in a semester and the heavy responsibility that surrounds them can put pressure on students and turn writing an essay into a daunting task.

Statistics have shown that written assignments can have an impact of up to 80% on a student’s grade. It’s no wonder that the overwhelming pressure of deadlines and strict assessment prompt students to find alternative ways to complete their tasks.

What is an Essay Writing Service?

The notion of“>essay writing service is simple – the client pays a professional to write an essay for them. Freelancers involved in this activity may receive the relevant instructions and materials for the essay or a first draft that they will need to edit in terms of grammar, spelling, and style.

These writing help platforms were initially intended for businesses, but nowadays students often find them useful and affordable relief from their busy academic schedules. With the overall growth of freelance jobs, the popularity of essay writing services has increased significantly.

Most of the freelancers who offer services on these platforms are qualified and trained experts with a Ph.D. or a master’s degree in liberal arts and considerable experience. Users regularly leave reviews and ratings of the service or its provider, which helps students in need to choose the best site for their assignments.

This option is interesting for students because, generally, the service is fast, the quality is satisfactory and the prices are reasonable.

Why do students opt for essay writing services?

There are several reasons behind the growing popularity of outsourcing essays to online writing services among contemporary students.

Some students simply cannot handle the pressure of multiple tasks with upcoming deadlines or lack the creative skills for written expression. In other cases, clients of essay writing services may be international students who still find it difficult to express their thoughts in English.

Another specific group that often turns to online essay writing services is students who lack motivation to focus on writing because they consider such assignments to be irrelevant to their field.

For example, a STEM student under pressure is likely to prioritize assignments for their engineering class over a 1,000-word essay for their English class. Although not delivering the essay would negatively impact their GPA, finding the easiest way around it would not affect the essential skills they should learn in college. So, hiring a professional to write this essay seems like an adequate solution.

Besides that, let’s not forget the other daily tasks that make student life busier. In addition to their academic duties, many students have part-time jobs or parental responsibilities, so getting help with essay writing can alleviate a lot of stress.

The ethical dilemma of essay writing services

In academia, the use of essay writing services is condemned and equated with cheating. However, most students send freelancers their first drafts for improvements and corrections such as grammar, spelling, or consistency.

It can be argued that students who hire experts to help them with their written assignments are less likely to genuinely improve their writing skills. Moreover, not all the essay writing platforms advertised on the internet are so useful and reliable – some of them employ freelancers whose writing skills are much less than expected.

However, condemning essay writing services is not the solution – the problem with students lacking motivation and confidence in their writing skills runs much deeper and needs to be addressed appropriately. After all, students will always find a way to complete their assignments in a quick and alternative way instead of spending long hours researching.

The dramatic rise in popularity of essay writing services should alarm academic circles of another disturbing trend – the overwhelming nature of course syllabi that pushes students to seek easier solutions.

Obviously, critical thinking skills and the ability to write high-quality writing are crucial for some majors, such as language and literature or history departments. Nevertheless, when the demand for in-depth research and creative expression is extended to less related fields – such as STEM or business – students cannot be expected to approach essay writing with such dedication. enthusiasm than tasks directly related to their major.

Teaching students to develop their writing skills and instilling a love of written expression is a delicate matter that modern curricula often fail to achieve. Students who struggle with writing should be given more time, help and encouragement.

When left on their own and under the pressure of multiple deadlines, professional writers on essay writing platforms are an option that can make their busy lives easier.

Last word

Acquiring strong writing skills is an essential part of liberal arts education. However, with busy academic schedules pushing students to hit ambitious word counts and deadlines, it’s not hard to grasp the boom in essay writing services as a favorable option for busy students.

Those who decide to try an essay writing service for their upcoming assignments need to be wary of several factors in order to get the desired results from their purchase.

First, as students tend to be budget conscious, discounts are offered and highly recommended for use. The most popular online essay writing services offer discounts to new and returning users alike.

It is wise to send specific instructions and materials to the freelance writer along with the first draft for simple editing if possible. Submitting the application as soon as possible allows more time for the professional and therefore you can expect a better quality of writing. Finally, once you receive your written essay, always proofread it carefully to make sure it conforms to your professor’s instructions before submitting it.

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