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What do you think students are looking for in a writing service once they have decided to purchase a custom paper online? Big name? Not really. The skills of writers? Most likely. Good reputation? Definitively. But what more than all that? Reliability and low prices.

It’s just pure buyer psychology. All things being equal or very close, what is the best cheap essay writing service? In most cases, customers will choose the cheaper option. Still, proven reliability is a factor that may entice consumers to opt for a slightly higher price for added confidence and peace of mind.

So in an effort to find the best reliable cheap essay writing service For you guys, I have analyzed a few dozen websites. Now, I’m ready to introduce you to the top 3 writing companies that can efficiently and reliably help you manage your writing assignments and homework at remarkably affordable prices. Let’s get straight to the point!

PaperHelp – Best Cheap Essay Writing Service Overall

You’ll hardly find the PaperHelp name among the industry leaders by size. However, if you navigate Paper Help Review selections on customer review platforms, you will quickly realize that it is well known among college and university students for its excellent value for money and fast order processing. At the same time, the aspect of reliability is covered by the fact that the company has been providing bespoke writing services since 2008. And you can’t stay in this market that long without earning a reputation and gaining the trust of many customers.

To cut to the chase, prices on start at just $10 per page of high school-level writing with a long-term deadline. The maximum price per page can go up to $57; that would be for professional-level writing done in 3 hours. The final cost of the order can also be affected by the addition of additional paid services, such as opting for the Advanced or TOP writer category, requesting a plag report, obtaining a hard copy proof by an editor or requiring VIP customer service.

On the other hand, savings opportunities include special welcome offers for first-time buyers, discounts for orders over $500 and $1000, and a loyalty program based on collecting cashback-type credits for each dollar spent. Moreover, you can even earn money through an online referral program.

Overall, PaperHelp is a reliable and quite cheap essay writing service with history, the widest range of services, a flexible pricing system and a positive image on business review sites. Combined, these features allow a customer to get a great deal with every order, whether they are newbies or loyal customers.

PaperHelp* pricing according to academic level and deadlines from 20 days to 3 hours:

  • High school (up to grade 12) – $10 – $40
  • Undergraduate (2-year program) – $13 to $43
  • Bachelor’s (any bachelor’s) – S19 – $50
  • Professional (Masters and above) – $21 to $5

WowEssays – Cheap Essay Writers and Lots More Free Stuff

The writing service has a lot in common with the previous website. It does not belong to market leaders. It offers a similar range of services, including – apart from custom writing – problem solving, calculations, Q&A, editing, and more. It has a similar set of guarantees, including originality, on-time delivery, confidentiality, payment security, and refunds. He also has three essayists categories too. Lastly, it has nearly identical pricing and discount policies, which is actually quite a common occurrence in the custom writing industry. No wonder the professional fame and online reputation of the two are comparable.

There are, however, several important differences. For example, positioning. WowEssays does not present itself as a service that makes custom papers for money, but as a database of free samples in the first place. Nearly 100,000 entries are intended to provide students with sample material from which to learn, draw topic ideas, and follow as writing models. Additionally, the website hosts a directory of free text writing, editing, and formatting tools. For example, essay editor, plagiarism checker, various generators, summaries, converters, calculators and other useful utilities. Apparently, the company is trying to cover both students who struggle to complete all the assignments on their own using sample writing and those who are willing to pay experts to do the work for them.

Ultimately, in the context of this article and Reviews on WowEssays on the web, it’s a robust but inexpensive custom writing service. Its team of several hundred professional writers ensures that you can order and obtain virtually any type of academic paper, while customer service does everything it takes to ensure that you have a 100% satisfactory user experience.

WowEssays* prices according to academic level and deadlines from 20 days to 3 hours:

  • High school (up to grade 12) – $10 – $40
  • Undergraduate (2-year program) – $13 to $43
  • Bachelor’s (any bachelor’s) – S19 – $50
  • Professional (Masters and above) – $21 to $57

EvolutionWriters – No-frills writing service at its best

This competitor is even smaller than the previous two. It doesn’t have a long history or extra stuff like these, but it has everything a student needs to provide them with fully original academic papers. focuses solely on personalized writing services, betting, as evidence of customer feedback, on a truly personalized approach and top-notch customer support.

The website’s range of services include writing custom papers (from essays to thesis), specific projects (i.e. presentations, case studies, capstone projects, etc.), solving problems and editing. Prices start from $11 per page per page of undergraduate writing (no high school option), which is a few dollars cheaper than the respective costs at PaperHelp and WowEssays. There are three categories available essayists and conventional welcome discounts for first-time buyers. Additionally, customers point to a well-organized, easy-to-reach, and quick-response help desk, as well as the ability to directly contact an expert assigned to your order.

The general impression is that EvolutionWriters is like a family grocery store right next to Costco on one side and Walmart on the other. If you’re not looking for big names and just need a well-written academic paper, this could definitely be your pick.

EvolutionWriters* pricing based on academic level and deadlines from 20 days to 3 hours:

  • Undergraduate (2-year program) – $11 to $48
  • Bachelor’s (any bachelor’s) – S16-$54
  • Professional (Masters and above) – $21 to $65

* All prices for the three services shown as of April 2022

What to Keep in Mind When Looking for the Cheapest Essay Writing Service

Whether you decide to opt for one of the services described above or are looking for other options, we would like to mention several other things – advice on how to order personalized papers as cheaply as possible. Here are some tips to drastically reduce costs:

  • If this is your first order, ask the account managers about special offers available for first-time buyers, even if there is no special banner on the homepage.
  • Alternatively, you can register but not place an order right away. In a day or two, you could have an even better special offer delivered to your email. After all, good things come to those who know how to wait…
  • Plan ahead and order as soon as possible. As you can see, rush order prices are quite steep, but buying with a long lead time can be really, really affordable.
  • If you plan to use custom writing services regularly, join a loyalty program and find out how you can apply it to maximize your benefits.
  • Select the appropriate writer category. You don’t need a Ph.D. degree holder to write you a 4-page college-level argumentative essay on the American Revolution; a basic or advanced writer would be absolutely sufficient.
  • If you plan to order a large item such as a thesis or dissertation, inquire about discounts available for large orders. Usually these discounts apply to orders over $500-$600.

Just make sure that in the pursuit of a low price, you don’t overlook a service’s reputation and safety issues. In addition to checking customer review platforms, take the time to browse relevant Reddit threads. Next, verify that the website of your choice complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) – an internationally accepted and recognized set of bank-level measures in the United States to ensure the online payment security.

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