How a grant writing service aims to innovate in medical technology

A recently launched dedicated grant writing service for healthcare funding aims to innovate for Cresco Innovation in Leicestershire.

This approach has already enabled Cresco to help several projects benefit from valuable investments, some of which have ultimately proved to be life-saving.

Cresco continues to provide its usual services, including intellectual property consulting and commercialization, technology research and project management, but it also offers a tailor-made service specifically tailored to healthcare projects.

Drawing on the team’s experience in the healthcare field and understanding exactly the needs of different funders, Cresco recently won over £ 6.5million in funding for several different projects.

The Cresco team is fully integrated into its healthcare clientele; enabling him to identify gaps in the existing knowledge and expertise of this team that are necessary for successful clinical adoption of the technology.

Based on this, Cresco seeks to identify opportunities and seek funding in order to advance the technology along the path of clinical development.

In recent months Cresco has won over £ 6.5million in Innovate UK biomedical funding. This includes a £ 1.5million project to develop a medical device for the treatment of cancer; a £ 3.9million drug development project; and a £ 1.6million project to develop an intraperitoneal chemotherapy delivery system.

Cresco CEO Jo Derbyshire said: “We have been fortunate to be able to attract a truly excellent writing team with world-class experience in innovation and healthcare commercialization.

“The industry is a fairly cohesive community, and we get companies to approach us based on recommendations. As such, we have already had some significant successes this year.

“The fact that we are celebrating these victories so far this year demonstrates that by launching our new dedicated team, our approach to healthcare financing is certainly a step in the right direction, not only for us but for our existing clients. and potentials in the field of health. ”

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