How to choose a safe university essay writing service of any complexity?

Many students who come to college or university have an overly optimistic view of their productivity and motivation. As a result, they choose too many subjects, mistakenly believing that they will study day and night. But as the start of the year approaches, many distractions present themselves, preventing students from meeting all deadlines and spending enough time researching and writing on all topics.

So what can you do if you see the deadlines are coming up when you have no time left for a dozen more essays? Now is probably a good time to start looking for an external provider of academic services. But here’s the catch: there are hundreds of websites online, and only a handful of these providers are reputable and legitimate. Taking risks and experimenting with your money is a terrible idea, which is why the experts in University Assignment Assistance have compiled a checklist to verify the legitimacy and quality of any university provider. Use it to filter out any new businesses you come across, and you are sure to avoid losing money on scammers and scams.

Money back guarantee

The first thing that you need to check to make sure the business is legitimate and reliable is the availability of a money back guarantee. It is the fundamental protection of the rights of your customers in such a service. Once something goes wrong (the company can’t find a copywriter for your order, the submission is late, or you get a substandard product) you can claim your money back and receive a refund. Companies that don’t provide money back guarantees are usually scams, so you might get stuck with that provider for weeks and months, not being able to get the paper (you don’t already need it).

Writer qualification

Reputable companies usually provide detailed information about their team of writers. They have nothing to hide and are ready to showcase the portfolios and profiles of their authors. So if the company’s website has a section called “Our Editors” or something like that, you can trust the vendor to know who will write your article.

Obviously, this information should be treated with caution and verified as some companies create fake profiles and take photos online to hide their fraudulent activities. Still, if you can see the writer’s samples and see a realistic photo, that information is a sign of the company’s credibility.

Free revisions

All customers should verify their entitlement to free revisions before placing an order and paying any money to a supplier. It’s a rule of thumb to give customers the right to claim free revisions within 14-30 days of article submission. It’s strong protection against shoddy work that you can use to improve and polish your work before you submit it.

Essentially, revisions should be done for free if they meet your original instructions or relate to quality improvements.

Legal information

It is also quite reassuring to work with a company if you know where it is located and at what address you can find its physical headquarters. Obviously, not all online businesses have a physical headquarters (which is not a sign of their fraudulent activity), but most are legally registered in a legal jurisdiction. So you can check if there is a legal address on the website to which you can send complaints or inquiries if there is any problem. If this information is available, your choice is correct.

Assistance channels

Finally, we would like to talk about the availability of support channels as one of the main signs of the reliability and reliability of the business. Many providers only offer a corporate email or onsite live chat as a contact option, which is not enough. In order for the customer to feel confident in their ability to contact support at any time of the day or night, several contact options should be available at all times. In addition, the support has to work indeed 24/7 (which is not the case with many websites). Customers may be from different countries with different time zones, so support should always be online to help them with urgent issues, like writer’s silence or urgent paper delay.

Quality control is essential

These are the main signs of a top business that you should check out before ordering papers. Make sure that the company checks all the points on this checklist and only pays them money after rigorous quality control. This way you are assured of peace of mind and top quality content from knowledgeable writers rather than a nervous breakdown and a total waste of money and time.

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