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Writing a medical research article for college is the same as writing other articles in terms of resources, structure, and style. A medical research paper must be based on evidence to prove the arguments because it is essentially a scientific work. The data must also be accurate and authentic with correctly referenced sources.

Writing a good research paper for college requires that you understand formatting, styling, SEO, and citations. Here is the guide on how to do it.

Design a research topic and determine the type of paper

Identifying the subject is one of the steps in the research process because it represents the area of ​​interest. Identify the general idea and narrow it down to something specific based on current research. Obtain relevant background information on the topic and find sources to use in your research.

The best way to go is to pick something that interests you and has unanswered questions. The format of your research paper depends on the type of document you want to write and the availability of research sources.

A medical research paper may require sections such as research questions or hypotheses, method, past results, limitations, and discussion. You can identify the strengths and weaknesses of previous studies as a basis for your future research.

Study the subject well

Consult with knowledgeable and experienced people in the research field, such as scientists and academics. Use source of information such as databases, books and academic journals to strengthen the credibility of your research paper.

Follow your sources by noting the information you will need for the citation, such as author, article title, book title, edition, and publisher. Other important information to track includes the publication date, number, number, volume number, and page number of the source.

As you read on, take some notes paraphrasing the information to avoid plagiarism. Your librarians and teachers can help you identify the right resources and keep notes with the right source.

Create the paper outline

Organize the document in a meaningful and easy-to-follow way and decide what information to include in the different subheadings. Creating an outline will help you start the writing process more easily. If you have a good medical research topic but are unable to continue with the writing process, consider getting outside help.

Help with your medicine paper

If you are having difficulty creating a good medical research document, you can pay someone to do research. Find the best research paper experts at StudyClerk, learn from them, and complete research work faster. Writing experts have helped many students achieve good marks in research writing, allowing them to continue their college education. Hiring experts will create a learning opportunity while continuing to study research papers and hone your writing skills.

Compile the results

Segment your research paper into smaller sections based on the captions you created and the type of paper. For quantitative articles, include major sections such as research questions, past results, etc.

For a qualitative paper, go over the main points, continue naturally, and make sure the content makes sense. Dividing the information into smaller sections and subsections can help you pay attention to one specific point at a time.

Include data tables and figures that support the main ideas to guide your reader during the assessment. A quantitative study may require you to reveal the methods used to arrive at the results.

Discuss your findings and conclude

The discussion part can be complex due to the number of tasks and roles it has to accomplish. Inform the reader of your findings and their relevance to the medical field.

To reveal future studies that can be done to advance research in this area and summarize the main ideas. Highlight theoretical applications of your research as appropriate and suggest future directions for the research.

Keep the discussion short and focus more on explaining the research findings and methods. The discussion should also honestly and accurately communicate the results and allow the reader to recognize their value.


Writing a good medical research paper for college requires following the above procedures and finding help if needed. Whether you are writing a qualitative or quantitative medical research article, pay attention to its structure and content. Following the guidelines will ensure that the article is coherent and logical, which is one of the most important characteristics of scientific articles.


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