How to Extend Your Research Brief: An Ultimate Guide

Sometimes when writing an assignment, people encounter a major obstacle: their text is too short. We know this debilitating feeling very well. You’ve added a lot of content and… it’s just not enough. A logical question arises: what should I do to lengthen my essay? Well, if you are wondering about that aspect, your research is over: we’re here to give you some advice on this. Here we are!

Tip 1. Add a methodology section

All good research papers have some form of methodology behind them. Some professors directly demand content of this type because it is a sign of good academic writing. Yet in many cases we have seen research articles without a clearly established research approach. This content alone can take at least half a page. What exactly can you write in? Above all, a good idea is to talk about the research methods available to you.

  • Are you looking for literature? In this case, openly state that your method includes the analysis of previous information and its revision.
  • Do you have surveys or interviews? It’s awesome. Try to write about qualitative and quantitative methods of research. In fact, this content is so powerful that doing a little survey can be a great idea, even for articles that don’t necessarily require it. This will allow you to complete at least one or two pages.

Besides the search methods, you can also describe the procedures. For example, when it comes to article reviews, a good idea is to thoroughly analyze your approach to finding and reviewing documents. You can write about various keywords (eg, “race”) and the research paper analysis schedule. Usually the approach is very strong as many instructors would like to see it. A good delineation of the methodology is a sign of being an expert. So, if you want to get top marks, the featured frame is perfect.

Tip 2. Add more literature

You can never go wrong with more research in a research paper. Each professional would confirm that the more sources you have, the better. Need to add a page or two? Just get more studies in your literature review section. If you don’t have one, the situation is even better: adding an overview of previous writings on the subject can help students considerably. For example, you can try adding a paragraph centered on a new study. Some contradictory information that goes against a writer’s point of view is also perfect. Most instructors will commend you for digging deeper into the research. As we said before, you just can’t go wrong with this method: it works in the absolute majority of cases. Just make sure you don’t plagiarize and write something original.

Tip 3. Get online help

Are you completely out of ideas for your paper? Do not despair. You can try to buy inexpensive samples from companies that provide custom English essays. These personalized papers from expert writers are perfect for people looking for a good template to complete their essays. Many of the best companies work with writers from the United States, who can provide exceptional content. So getting outside help can be a really good idea. You will benefit from the help of people with many years of experience. In addition, a medium-sized company in the field also goes to great lengths to provide sample academic papers for free. Interested? Want some recommendations? A perfect website to consider is CustomWritings, whose experts provide professional writing services to students around the world and can easily handle your “write a research article for me” request.

Tip 4. Add multiple topics

If you don’t want to use some external services and have many limitations focused on instructional literature reviews and methodology, consider titles. A good research paper should have an appropriate order in its logic. Organized writing is a sign of strong students. So you can try adding titles and subheads to more sections of your article. This way, a well-written article can be at least one page long. Headers typically take up an entire line without requiring a lot of content. Including them, in the end, can be a perfect choice since it will make the paper both readable and long. Still, this advice is in fourth place for a reason. Some instructors don’t like the approach due to two issues:

  1. It increases the length of the paper without giving any relevant content;
  2. Institutions often have very strict guidelines for various formatting requirements.

For this reason, we recommend that you use a student support service before adding any changes. You can either become a client of an online website or try out the college-centric resources.

Tip 5. Add bulleted items / tables / images

Another great idea for lengthening your research paper is to focus on certain frames that require the use of bullets (or any form of list) or adding tables / images. The main group of add-ons offers a lot of valuable content in a very space-efficient way. Bullets generally require rather limited content and, therefore, quickly fill up the space. For example, if you are discussing Amazon’s long term financial strategy, adding a bullet point SWOT analysis might be a perfect idea. A crucial factor to take into account also includes various forms of tables / pictures. If you make them from scratch and adapt to the research, these items can be a perfect addition. A board or picture (for example, a mind map) can help readers quickly orient themselves to the overall nature of your argument.

The only problem may be with the instructors, again. Unfortunately, two things happen in many cases:

  1. They refuse to count tables and pictures in word-centric content;
  2. Some actively discourage it because of college regulations.

Therefore, a good idea is to always check the requirements of your college under current conditions. Chances are our tips will work. If not, use some of the recommendations mentioned first. They work in a much larger number of cases.

In short, the process of lengthening your research paper is far from easy. You need to add authentic content or at least show that the structure of your argument is strong by highlighting its elements. From this perspective, resorting to external aid is a rational strategy. If you learn from the best people, the likelihood of mistakes will decrease. Yet the ultimate choice is yours. Our guide should already put you on the path to success.

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