Liberian Student Publishes Renewable Energy Research Paper in International Journal of Applied Science and Research; Dedicate success to Bill Twehway

Flanzamanton’s research concludes that climate change (CC) has/and is affecting Nigeria, in particular, and that it has direct and indirect impacts on human health and predicts that it will continue to change. Direct climate change has had dramatically huge impacts on every living organism in Nigeria, which includes animals, humans and plants. This is due to rising temperatures which increase respiratory ailments in humans and increased frequency of storms which have become the cause of serious injuries, deaths and psychological disorders in Nigeria. Furthermore, Nigeria’s location is in the center of the Upper Guinea rainforest region along the west coast of Africa and it suffers from heavy rains and climatic changes as well as temperature increases in due to global warming (GW). Thus, CC and GW are serious issues for Nigeria as rainfall and climate change affect the country’s agricultural sector.

He is also expected to publish another article on Liberia, titled: Evaluation of the effects of urbanization on the natural life of the country (Liberia) by an agricultural worker.

Appreciate Bill Twehway

In a brief interview with FrontPageAfricaFlanzamaton recalled that it took him eight years to advance his education after earning his undergraduate degree from African Methodist Episcopal Zion University (AMEU) due to the financial constraints he faced at the time.

“It took Mr. Bill Twehway, Chief Executive of the National Ports Authority, to provide me with the financial space to start my university studies again, but at a more prestigious level – overseas, internationally.

“The article is fully dedicated to Hon. Dr. Twehway. The opportunity presented by him will strengthen my resolve to contribute to education in Liberia upon my return to the homeland very soon,” he said.

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