LPU Master’s (Hons) Biotechnology Student Wins Best Research Paper Award

Lovely Professional University MSc (Hons) student in Biotechnology, Srishti Bhandari won the “Best Research Journal Article Award” at the prestigious “National Research Article Writing Competition – 2021”. The competition was held under the aegis of the government of Uttar Pradesh and the National Service Scheme (NSS). A large panel of 38 eminent scholars from the ranks and laureates of Padma Shri, directors, vice-chancellors, scientists, surgeons, judges, emeritus professors and government secretaries nominated the winners. Srishti’s review of innovative research will now be published in Young Scholars’ internationally recognized “Mindshare Yuva Book Series”. His winning article is entitled “CRISPR / Cas9, an embryo genome editing system: a review”. It is a simple technology but a powerful tool for editing genomes. It allows researchers to alter DNA sequences and alter the function of genes. Its many potential applications include correcting genetic defects, treating and preventing the spread of disease, and improving crops. These technologies make it possible to add, remove or modify genetic material at specific places in the genome. The LPU student review explains that despite the benefits, there are still ethical issues surrounding the use of embryos. The Nobel Prize was awarded jointly in 2020 to a professor in the United States and a director in Germany for “CRISPR / Cas9 genetic scissors: a tool for rewriting the code of life”.

About 600 research papers were submitted across India for three rounds of the “Young Scholars” competition. The judges recognized the exemplary research work of the contestants for “Originality; Content; and, Quality ”, which are attributed as qualities inherent in an illustrious scientific article. LPU student Srishti Bhandari from Saharanpur qualified in all rounds and was declared the winner. She received a certificate in this regard as well as a cash prize. To name a few, the jury for the competition included Padma Shri, former director of IIT Kharagpur Kasturi Lal Chopra; Padma Shri and former Vice-Chancellor Mahendra Singh Sodha; former Secretary (Indian government) Naveen Verma; and much more. All of them gave feedback and declared the winners. By way of illustration, this nationwide research papers competition has been held for postgraduate and postgraduate scholars and researchers from recognized institutions in India including all IIT, IISc, universities of State and private. The competition aimed to honor the exemplary research work of young Indian scholars, for whom the students had submitted their original research work on various topics of their choice. It was about igniting the young minds of the country to instill in them research skills and come up with the best research idea to work on in the future. Note, the academic system of LPU is very rigorous and has prepared its students to direct research by working on recent topics related to research and industry oriented problems. HoD at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering of LPU (School of Bioengineering and Biosciences), Dr Umesh Goutam informs that Srishti’s keen interest in research and his passion to learn more about recent techniques in biotechnology motivated her to write this winning research journal.

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