Massena Extends Grant Writing Service Contract Until December | County of Saint-Laurent

MASSENA – A grant writing company that was contracted by the village in May 2015 will continue its work until at least December.

The directors approved a six-month extension of an agreement with Strategic Development Specialists, LLC, from June 16 to December 16. They will receive $ 4,250 per month for the service.

“We have an annual agreement with Strategic Development, and we decided that maybe it would be a good idea to go for a six-month agreement. That would take us through December 16 and then reassess at that point, ”said Mayor Timothy J. Ahlfeld.

He said village administrator Monique Chatland had suggested the six-month extension.

“We want to be good with the village money,” Ahlfeld said.

Deputy Mayor Matthew J. LeBire said there had been discussions during the budget process “to take a different path with this.”

“So I budgeted a little less in total for this type of service. But what I did in the budget covers more than the six month extension. So there are no budget issues here, ”he said.

Mr LeBire said that when they came up with their budget it didn’t seem like there would be as many grants available as in the past. But, he said, “Continuing this relationship for a few months is vital, in my opinion.”

At a 2020 meeting, the trustees authorized a one-year extension of the professional services agreement at $ 4,500 per month for June, July and August 2020 and at $ 4,250 per month for the remainder of the duration. Funding for the service comes from the economic development item in the village budget.

Grants awarded in 2019 included $ 15,000 for a START center feasibility study; $ 300,000 to repair a pair of elevators in the Laurel Terrace building of the Massena Housing Authority; and $ 97,000 for the acquisition and renovation of a mixed-use Water Street building, with a dairy, a commercial frontage, light manufacturing and residential capacity. This project is a public-private partnership with Goco Ventures LLC.

The directors originally contracted with Strategic Development Specialists, LLC in May 2015 on a one-year agreement to provide grant writing and consulting services.

Village officials had issued a request for proposal for grant writing services, and Strategic Development Specialists was one of four companies that submitted proposals to the village to provide services for a year.

The firms were invited to make presentations to the members of the board of directors at a special meeting on May 26, 2015. After reviewing the written proposals and reviewing the presentations, the trustees elected to sign an agreement with the specialists of the strategic development.

The company’s service proposal included consulting with the mayor, other village officials, department heads, staff, and community partners to determine funding needs, prioritize projects, and examine opportunities.

They also seek funding opportunities and coordinate them with village projects and priorities; prepare and submit grant applications and follow the process; and monitor and assist in the administration of grants and funding.

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