MemComputing co-authors of a research paper on classical tunneling with LANL

SAN DIEGO, January 26, 2022 — MemComputing, Inc., developer of disruptive high-performance computing technology, announces collaboration on a research paper written in partnership with scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), specifically the Center for Nonlinear Studies and the T4 group. The paper, published in Science Advances, is titled “Global Minimization via Classical Tunneling Assisted by Collective Force Field Formation.”

MemComputing’s master patent identifies the potential use of memristors in forming MemComputing’s proprietary self-organizing logic circuits. LANL researchers have an ongoing collaboration with Dr. Fabio Lorenzo TraversaCTO of MemComputing due to his expertise in memristors, nanoscale physics, optimization and machine learning.

“This study uncovered and highlighted some aspects of the physics of complex systems that we exploit in our circuit designs,” Dr. Traversa said. “It has been exciting to show that we can have efficient tunneling phenomena in memristor networks, which contributes to convergence towards the global minimum of an insoluble landscape.”

Dr. Francesco Caravelli, a scientist in the Condensed Matter and Complex Systems Group at Los Alamos, added, “The results of this study are very exciting as they demonstrate the first realization of a classical tunnel in an athermally moving passive system. effective. potential. This mechanism is appealing for its physical relevance in nanoscale physics and for its possible applications in optimization, Monte Carlo patterns and machine learning.

MemComputing continues to support the effort and also looks forward to potential future collaborations.

Read the full article on Scientific webpage here:

Memcomputing and LANL continue their collaboration on the analysis of dynamic systems and computer applications. Here is a recent preprint of the current work

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