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An ad for an essay writing service has been banned because it appears to offer a money-back guarantee that customers will at least receive the rating they ordered. included the statement: “Definite Grade … We guarantee that you will receive at least the grade you ordered (1st class, 2: 1, 2: 2). Otherwise, we will refund your money!”

However, another web page titled Terms and Conditions stated that customers agreed that the warranty “does not represent a guarantee in any way …

One person complained that the guarantee that customers would receive at least the bill they ordered was misleading.

Defending the announcement, Oxbridge Research Group Ltd said the allegation was about the quality of work of the essay writing service provided, and not the rating a client would receive from their university or college if they submitted a sample. test as his own work.

He also pointed out that its terms and conditions prohibited submitting the essay as a client’s personal work.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said: “Although the website terms and conditions prohibit it, we have considered the claim in question to imply that if you submit a test sample for scoring and you do not not get the note you ordered, you might get your money back.

“We therefore considered that the terms and conditions contradicted, rather than clarified, the request.

“We also considered it misleading to suggest that the grade ordered was guaranteed because, although the Oxbridge Research Group Ltd employed former proofreaders, they were not able to formally grade tests or review tests. ‘other work and had not explained on what basis the test score could be said to be “guaranteed”.

He ruled that the ad should no longer appear in its current form.

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