Research paper competition dedicated to Syunik

Syunik plays a historically important geopolitical role in ensuring and guaranteeing the national security of Armenia and the Armenian people. After the 2020 Artsakh war, Azerbaijan continues to threaten and claim territories over Yerevan, Sevan and especially Syunik.

It is the responsibility of the Armenian youth to strengthen the resilient spirit of the people of Syunik, to fight the pan-Turkish ideology and to fight against the defeatist policy of the Armenian authorities.

In light of the above, and particularly in the context of the “To Syunik”, the Youth Office of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF), in collaboration with the Association of Students Nikol Aghbalyan, launched a competition for research articles devoted to the geopolitical importance of Syunik, security, demographic and youth issues. The ARF Youth Office invites students aged 18 to 27 living in Armenia or in the Diaspora to participate in the preparation of these documents.

Research papers must cover the following topics (new topics may be proposed):

  • Syunik in the light of 20th century developments (historical review)
  • Syunik’s security challenges (i.e. border, internal and external security) and the prospects for solving them
  • The geopolitical position and the role of Syunik in the process of fighting pan-Turkist agendas
  • Policies carried out by the current Armenian authorities in relation to the problems of Syunik
  • Syunik-Diaspora relations
  • Demographic, economic and agricultural mapping of Syunik, relevant challenges and potential solutions
  • Approaches to increasing public awareness of Syunik
  • Syunik in Armenia’s foreign policy
  • Historical and cultural heritage of Syunik

Research papers can be submitted in Armenian or English and will be reviewed by a panel consisting of:

Tatos Avetisyan, member of the RA National Assembly, economist
Tereza Yerimyan, Director of Government Affairs, Armenian National Committee of America
Kevork Hagopjian, expert in international law, Vienna
Meline Anumian, historian, Turkologist, Yerevan
Yeghia Tashjian, political analyst, researcher, weekly columnist, Beirut

Finalists will receive scholarships and have the opportunity to travel to Syunik and present their papers. In addition to the finalists, the remaining students who do not receive awards but are approved by the review board will be posted on social media and in the press.

Documents can be submitted via this online form. The deadline is October 15, 2021. The results will be published on October 31, 2021. For more information or inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

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