SkillHub Launches LinkedIn Profile Writing Service to Help Candidates Get More Interviews in 2021

MIDDLETOWN, Del., August 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The job market is getting more competitive every year. The rules of the game are constantly changing. And even seasoned veterans must constantly adapt to avoid being left behind.

  • LinkedIn has over 740 million registered members and approximately 55 million official businesses
  • Over 75% of large companies use ATS robots to screen candidates
  • Almost 80% of qualified candidates are rejected by ATS robots

In today’s age of automation, job seekers can be left behind even before they enter the competition. But following all of these rules just to create a resume can be quite difficult. Fortunately, there is a way to increase your chances during the applicant tracking process.

SkillHub Announces the launch of the new LinkedIn Profile Writing Service designed to help every job candidate get known and noticed through an applicant tracking system. Users will be able to convert their LinkedIn profile to CV with the help of experienced professionals.

SkillHub is number one online resume writing service there, created to support professionals in their job search with pro resume services. The service has a large pool of professional writers, who know all the peculiarities of writing a resume that outperforms robots and easily passes an ATS system and thus helps job seekers put their careers on the market. right way.

How it works?

Here are some of the basic services offered by SkillHub

All of these services aim to help specialists from all sectors and professional levels present their achievements and experiences in a way that gets noticed by recruiters and makes them want to employ them.

Things like adding a separate CV file and ATS keywords to their LinkedIn profile might not seem too important. But statistics show that it can make all the difference for virtually all kinds of professionals. Without ATS optimization, a CV might not even reach a human recruiter because it would be filtered by a bot early on.

Aim for results

Today, LinkedIn is one of the main channels recruiters use to hunt for talent. Therefore, having a well-organized LinkedIn CV these days gives its owner a huge competitive advantage.

The main goal of SkillHub’s new service is to help job seekers get hired in no time. The platform’s LinkedIn resume writers are leading experts with years of experience, who know how to help clients stand out from the crowd. Their main mission is to help candidates showcase their best accomplishments and skills, and wrap them into a professional looking LinkedIn profile resume that can outperform ATS bots, outperform competitors, and bring more invitations to. interviews.

Teaming up with professional LinkedIn Profile Editors from SkillHub is a sure-fire way for candidates to showcase their greatest accomplishments, make the best impression on recruiters, increase their visibility for an ATS, and get hired.


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