Step-by-step guide to publishing a research article in an international journal

We all suffer more or less from many dilemmas about how and where publish our thesis after completing our honors or masters. Although students in our country do well at the undergraduate level in universities, it often happens that due to lack of awareness or goodwill, their research is not published in any good conference or journal. When publishing an article, it is very important to select the right journal. In addition, it was found that due to poor selection, many high quality research articles were published in local journals, and articles suitable for publication in Impact 4 Journal were published in Impact 1 Journal. .

It usually takes 4-6 months to submit and accept an article in a publication. Nevertheless, writing a research paper requires a lot of hard work. So, choosing the right newspaper is as important a task as writing an article. Therefore, this article will describe the step-by-step guide to publishing a research article in an international journal.

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How to choose the right journal?

Journal selection can be done in two ways, after you finish writing the article or before you start writing the article. We usually do this after we finish writing. However, a researcher can select the journal in advance, and this has certain advantages. Usually, each journal has a section called “Author Guidelines”, which is recommended to be read well before submitting the article. It provides a guideline for publishing an article in this journal, such as the maximum number of tables and figures, what should be the value of tables and figures, how many words should be used to complete the entire article, and so right now. There are many benefits to writing if you know these things first.

Let’s see now. How do I find the right newspaper? The first thing to do is select important keywords related to the topic you are working on. Today, every line of research has an online database. So you can choose journals based on your research area and keywords.

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After you’ve selected a few journals, go to each journal’s home page and read “Journal Scope,” which indicates the type of article they publish. It is strongly recommended that you read the scope of the journal because if your work does not meet the guidelines of the journal you have chosen, it will be rejected within 7 days.

After reading “Journal Scope” you will see that your list is reduced to 2-3 journals. You can now choose a journal by chatting with your other authors and supervisors. You must remember, and it is important to have a clear idea of ​​the quality of your paper. If someone submits an article suitable for 2 Impact to an Impact 6 newspaper, it is just a waste of time. It takes at least 1 month for the paper to be rejected and returned. Again, formatting the entire article for a new journal takes time.

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Submit the paper

Assuming your article is ready, you should now submit it. The process is very simple, go to the homepage of the journal you selected, subscribe, login, submit the article. All authors must provide an email address, although the journal editor only communicates with the corresponding author. The entire paper submission process is very similar to installing software on a PC. One option after another will come, and you will continue. Each newspaper has its instructions for downloading numbers, which must be downloaded accordingly.

At the very end of the submission, you will receive a PDF file of the entire article. You should check the printout to see if there are any spelling mistakes and if the log instructions are being followed correctly. It is important to be careful because this is your last chance to change. If you want to make a change after that, you have to remove the paper and then change.

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Once the submission is complete, the status of the article can be verified with the corresponding author email and password. It usually takes 7 days to go to reviewer after submission. An article in the Peer-Reviewed Journal is sent to at least 2 reviewers. It is only if 2 reviewers agree that the article is selected for publication.

The reviewer can suggest a major or minor change. The examiner’s question should receive a very polite answer, whether he agrees with you or not. If you don’t agree, you should be very polite and present your point politely.

Remember that the editor-in-chief will make the final decision by reviewing the reviewer’s remarks. Once the examiner’s report is ready, it must be resubmitted according to the previous rules. The editor will return the article to the reviewers with the changes. If the reviewers are satisfied, the publisher will send an email to the corresponding author to notify them of the publication.

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Why publish an article in an international journal?

Publishing an article in an international journal will give you the opportunity to reach like-minded people around the world. In addition, you can also show your findings to other scientists around the world. Additionally, publishing an article in a foreign journal will broaden the mind of the author, potentially building confidence for future research. On top of that, your article can be viewed by researchers in your field and cite your article. In other words, you disseminate knowledge.

Each department has some better reviews. For example, Nature, Nature Communications, Science, etc. are leading journals for general and multidisciplinary science. You can find popular and widely accepted journals by searching for them online.

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How to identify a fake newspaper or a fake conference?

Some journals or conferences do not review the article properly, or they tend to accept the article right away without reviewing it. Such journals usually take money to publish any article. You can find the list of these mediocre or bogus reviews and conferences on a website called Beall’s Predatory Publishers and Journals List. You can check whether a log is fake or not by searching for the name on / journals and

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