Super Mario Bros. Papercraft Game redefines the term Paper Mario

A game created by Super Mario Bros. fans. reimagines the Nintendo classic in an impressive paper format, redefining the Paper Mario name.

A Super Mario Bros.. fan game took the name paper mario at a new level by making the classic game in an impressive papercraft format. Papercraft has been used to depict many video game scenes in the past, and has even been used to provide gamers with scale models of the Xbox Series X/S, to properly plan their gaming setups.

As the name suggests, papercraft is generally considered a physical medium where simple papers and cardboards can be used to build impressive miniature models. Although paper-based, the medium has often been translated into a digital format where the style and 2D format is reimagined like a video game. Popular examples of games that adopt a papercraft style include the paper mario games, a series currently consisting of six main titles (and a spin-off cross-game with the mario and louis series) under the banner of the great mario franchise. The newest of these titles, popular in 2020 Paper Mario: The Origami Kingwas a big hit and contained a surprisingly dark undertone of body horror within its colorful world.


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Players can now upload papercraft Paper Mario version of the classic Super Mario Bros. thanks to the creator booop3 (Going through Alpha Beta Player). Papercraft Super Mario Bros. is now available for download on, and while sadly buggy in its current state, the game packs an impressive amount of content. It features Mario being piloted by a length of green map as he navigates the entirety of World 1, including secret areas and the fight with Bowser. As such, Papercraft Super Mario Bros. joins other recent fan games like the nostalgic remake of sonic Chao Garden offers players new opportunities to explore classic game moments.

Fan games like this papercraft Super Mario can be a great source of fun, providing a wide variety of reimaginings for beloved games. For example, there are a multitude of Pokemon fan games, which introduce new regions, mechanics, and even Pokemon (or “Fakemon”) for players of the popular franchise. However, the companies that own these properties can be extremely protective of their copyrights, and as such often shut down fan games and similar projects once they get wind of them. Nintendo is particularly known for this, although not all companies are so tough; Sega has stated in the past that it mainly allows Sonic fan games, provided they are not monetized.

Despite the reported bugs, Papercraft Super Mario Bros. is still an impressive labor of love for its creator. The visuals alone show that a lot of time and effort has gone into recreating World 1. The game almost feels like some sort of performance acted out in a pop-up theater by a group of unseen performers. It should be noted that because of this, this is not an accurate match for the paper mario aesthetic, although there have been more accurate fan creations in the past. Just last year a video was released showing a paper mario parody of Mario Kart in action. But in any case, fans of paper mario in the mood for a bit of quirky nostalgia may find themselves greatly enjoying this take on the classic Super Mario Bros.

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Source: booopp3/TwitterSuper Mario Bros. Papercraft/ (via Alpha Beta/Twitter player)

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