The 5 Best Gadgets Every Student Needs Before Writing a Research Paper

The role of gadgets in education is really important. They are excellent aids for students who wish to expand their knowledge and improve the efficiency of learning. The constant advancements in technology take gadgets to a whole new level, giving us a bunch of useful features. Consider some of the most important gadgets a student needs for their studies.

Gadgets Every Student Needs

Livescribe 2 GB Echo Smartpen is a technical solution for handwriting

If you prefer handwriting to typing, this gadget is for you. To use Echo Smartpen, you don’t even need a tablet! How is it possible? Well, you can take notes on special paper and then capture them with the gadget. It will turn anything you wrote into digital text.

However, this is not the only feature of the Echo Smartpen. It can also record audio and link them to your text. Whenever you need to revise some material related to your research paper, simply replay the audio by tapping your notes.

A laptop computer is an indispensable gadget that helps you in your research work

For obvious reasons, a laptop should also be mentioned on the list. It is a multifunctional thing used by all of us on a daily basis. We have fun, communicate with others, do our jobs, and learn new things using laptops. It’s really hard to imagine a life without this vital gadget, especially for college students.

They need laptops to access study materials, to learn remotely and to take assessments. When there is no time to complete urgent homework, students usually turn to homework writing services. They are available online, so you can pay for one Top notch research paper without leaving your home.

Professional writers will deliver an assignment of any complexity tailored to your academic requirements. You can be sure to submit your work due to the deadline and not fall behind in your studies. And note that this solution is only available if you have a laptop.

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook is like a portable whiteboard

Any student would confirm that whiteboards are very useful writing aids when it comes to research projects. They help you organize your thoughts and record the most critical information. But the problem is, whiteboards take up a lot of wall space, so it’s not a suitable solution for students living in a dorm.

Fortunately, there is a brilliant alternative to this tool, which is a reusable notepad. As you research, you can jot down your ideas and sources in the Rocketbook, an A4 notebook of reusable pages. Once you no longer need any written information, you can erase it and free up some space. Using Rocketbook is really convenient as it syncs with cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and others. This gadget is not exactly cheap, but it is more environmentally friendly than paper.

Kindle is a gadget that every student needs

Proper research is impossible without careful reading. Before you start writing your article, you need to go through thousands of pages. It’s not really possible to visit a library every time you need to read a book. This is why Kindle could be a perfect solution for you.

Make a literature list to study it and add it to your eReader, so it’s saved in one place you can access anytime. This way you have the flexibility to work on your research even on the go. Wherever you are, open a book after you have a free minute and highlight key facts and concepts to use in your research.

Miracle Cube Timer Can Help You Organize Write Sprints

Management of time is the key to effective learning. If you want to improve your productivity when writing a research paper, get yourself a Miracle Cube timer. It is a great gadget for those who want to organize their time for studying. With a Miracle Cube Timer, you can set 5, 15, 30, and 60 minute sprints where you can focus on your task. In between these sprints, you should take a break to let your brain relax and restart.

While there are many online tools for time management, a physical timer has been found to be more effective among students. You should try it yourself to find out if it really works.

Final thoughts

Writing a research paper can be a big challenge. However, it’s not that hard to finish if you know what gadgets can help you out. Hopefully, smart pens, notebooks, reusable notebooks, e-readers, and timers will make your learning process much easier and more efficient.

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