The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Essay Topic

The right topic for your essay is one of the prerequisites for its successful defense. If you choose the subject correctly:

  • The essay will be interesting to write;
  • You will have enough motivation not to postpone the work, and its writing will not turn into a nightmare;
  • The science advisor will appreciate your interest and will be more inclined to help you more actively;
  • As a result, you will get a higher rating on defense.

As you can see, all of them are solid perks. So read the article and you will learn how to understand the essay topic and what tips to use in choosing the right essay topic.

Criteria for choosing an essay topic

Choosing an essay topic is an important step. In order not to be mistaken, you must start with the criteria specified in the introduction of any article. They deserve to pay attention to the selection and formulation of research topics:

  • The relevance of the subject;
  • Scientific novelty.

Let’s talk about each of the elements.


This is one of the justifications for the choice of the subject of the essay, which shows that it is modern and promising.

For example, you write about cars. The topic: “Prospects for the development of electric motors in the automotive industry” will be much more relevant than “Typical problems of carbureted engines in cars at the beginning of the 20th century and ways to solve them”.

If you have an irrelevant or under-researched topic and you don’t know how to present it “tastefully”, consider asking for help from write my paper service with good reviews. They will help you both prepare the structure of the article (if you want to write it yourself) and write the entire article for you.

Scientific novelty.

This is a new approach to study / research or an unconventional solution to the problem posed in the article, but there is a nuance. If the subject is little studied, there may be little literature on the subject.

This means that it will be more difficult to prepare an essay. But the article on a “worn out” topic will not add anything new to you personally or to humanity. So always look for a balance.

How to choose a topic for an essay

Confused about which topic to choose for your essay? Follow our helpful tips and advice:

  • Let yourself be guided by your personal interest.
  • Develop your ideas from previous research
  • Engage in the debate with existing research.
  • Develop the existing scientific theory.
  • Think about the interesting literature on the subject.
  • Keep career prospects in mind.

Focus on self-interest

When choosing an essay topic, remember that it doesn’t just have to be scientifically relevant and promising.

First of all, it should be interesting for you. After all, if a student is not passionate about their chosen topic, they will not be able to research further, spend long hours looking for information in the library, and will not be convincing in the dissertation defense. .

Develop your ideas from previous research

By the time you reach the point where you need to start writing your essay, you will already have a number of smaller research papers under your belt – and there will be more each academic year.

You can use your previous work as part of your essay. The main thing is not to engage in self-plagiarism. You can turn to services that research papers help to save time by transforming your old text into a unique text.

You can research sources and literature for other parts of the essay in the meantime. You can also use your research paper writing experience to figure out what interests you most about research and what only makes you fall asleep.

Engage the debate with existing research

Is there a scholar whose conclusions you do not agree with? Engage in a controversy with him or her, using the topic of concern as the basis for your essay.

This will allow you to deepen the research that has already been done and share a new perspective on the issue with the scientific community. Who knows, maybe it will be a step towards the discovery of a new theory?

Build on an existing scientific theory

If you share the opinion of scientific authors and don’t want to argue with existing theories, there is another way. Develop a theory that interests you. This way, you can build on the material already prepared and reinforce the importance of the topic in your essay.

Think about the interesting literature on the subject

As fascinating as the subject may seem at first glance, it is important to have sufficient scientific literature on the subject. So you can first study the latest monographs, find the questions that interest you, and then formulate your research topic.

Consider career prospects

Do you already know where you want to work after your studies? Then, when writing your term project, use topics that overlap or are directly related to your future professional field. You will thus be able to better understand the nuances of the profession and feel more confident during the first job interviews.

No idea at all! What to do?

If nothing comes to mind, use a clear instruction that will work 100%:

  • Go to your educational advisor. Tell them what interests you and they will offer you a list of topics to choose from.
  • Study the literature on the topic suggested by the counselor.
  • Make a plan for your essay and get approval from your advisor.

You can now start your work. By the way, the topic of your dissertation can be the basis of your dissertation project. If you need advice, don’t hesitate to ask your supervisor. And if there is no such opportunity, professional student services employees will find the right expert for your job, who will perform it at the right level.

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