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Advertising Policy Changes Required Immediately

BRONX, NY, USA, Nov. 17, 2021 / — The Thinkubator think tank under Dr. Lessie Branch, Director and Dr. Duleep Deosthale, Director of Higher Education Consulting, has published an article working with two interns on barriers to building a diverse workforce and documenting the lived experiences and challenges faced by Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) in the advertising industry . The paper builds on its findings to recommend a fairer work environment, policies and procedures that are inclusive and designed to eliminate racial and gender stereotyping and discrimination.

The Thinkubator interns and team developed and conducted two online surveys to assess racial and gender discrimination in the advertising industry. Participants were informed that the survey was about accessibility, inclusion and diversity in the advertising and commercial production industry and were encouraged to provide honest and confidential responses. Participants in the first survey were recruited via LinkedIn while for the second survey they were recruited via SurveyMonkey. Participants in both surveys were employees of the advertising industry. The first survey yielded 17 responses and the second 95 responses. The survey questions were designed by student interns at The Thinkubator based on research literature examining racial and gender inequalities in advertising as well as conversations with their advisors at The Thinkubator. The questions aimed to assess critical research questions on diversity, equity, discrimination and on the development of policies and strategies to address the stated challenges. Additionally, the interns interviewed some participants who stated in the survey that they would be willing to participate in an interview.

Based on the research findings, The Think Tank recommends the following:
– The advertising industry must address a diverse set of gender and racial equity position and pay gaps;
– Hiring practices must change;
– The industry should re-evaluate the treatment of employees and create benchmarks and timelines to begin to evolve fairness;
– Hire more women of color;
– Change the existing work culture to be more inclusive;
– Expand BIPOC’s pipeline of people seeking advertising positions through scholarships and internships;
– Changing employee behavior through training and implementing zero-tolerance policies on harassment and discrimination, which are equally important;
– Create a culture of accountability, which means that bias reduction and diversity training should be linked to job performance reviews and promotions and raises;
– Partner with historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs) and make a concerted effort to diversify their pool of employee applicants.

Dr. Edward Summers, CEO and President of The Thinkubator, said, “This study is significant in that it was our young people who did the research, analysis, writing and recommendations. They played an important role in learning how to ask good questions to answer their research questions. The Thinkubator takes pride in the development and upliftment of our young adults and their training for careers in research.

Dr. Lessie Branch, Thinkubator Think Tank Director, added: “I love that the authors of this work ‘call out’ BIPOC’s lack of representation in the advertising and commercial production industries in the United States. . But they don’t stop there; they “call” for ways to address these disparities through their insightful and well-articulated policy recommendations!

Dr Duleep Deosthale, Director of Higher Education Consultancy at The Thinkubator, added: “It’s the maturity and objective thought process of these young minds, along with a good understanding of the realities around them and a methodological approach, which add credibility to their recommendations. ”

Luna Bella Avila, Youth and Elder Engagement at Thinkubator,
“As the investigative project grew, the junior consultants had the opportunity to use their newly developed skills and unique perspective to overcome the kinds of challenges that an analytics project can And they’ve developed solutions that only enterprising young minds can come up with.”

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