What the boom in the personalized writing services industry tells us about modern education

Teachers across the United States are sounding the alarm: Professional bespoke writing companies are threatening the very foundations of higher education! Students at community colleges and top universities order academic papers online to get the grade while learning literally nothing. Teachers paint odious pictures of doctors and engineers who have graduated but without knowledge.

Studies and surveys confirm it: academic services on demand are increasing. Some of the best bespoke writing services have multi-million dollar monthly sales and never run out of clients. The internet is inundated with reviews from real and fake users about personalized writing assistance websites of all shapes and sizes.

But is it as bad as educators say? After all, cheating in various forms has always been, is, and surely will be, an inherent part of learning. Maybe educators are getting too hard because deep down they feel their share of guilt in this “digital shift”?

Custom writers start out slow but roll – and write articles – fast

Although they have fallen into the limelight fairly recently, custom writing services have been around for over a decade. For example, one of the oldest companies in the market – PaperHelp.org – has been around since 2008. Initially established as an editorial provider, it later evolved into a full-service academic writing assistance agency. Nowadays, a struggling student can hire ghost writers for virtually any type of task for a reasonable price. An essay or a research paper, a dissertation or a course, a case study or a thesis – they claim to have experts to deliver them all.

At first, educators did not consider this trend too dangerous and even tried to downplay its importance. However, it then caught the attention of reporters. After several notorious media inquiries, the college community has had to recognize that the problem of students purchasing articles from a personalized paper writing service requires more consideration and action. As a result, several measures have been implemented to demonstrate commitment to academic integrity. Colleges and universities across the country have started to make massive use of plagiarism detection systems (eg, Turnitin), install honor codes, and toughen penalties for exposed students.

Yet the beast was already in the wild. Aggressive online marketing and word of mouth have kept the majority of essay writing businesses afloat. In addition, they started to expand and implement new approaches. Take, for example, WowEssays.com. The service is presented as a database of free samples. It attracts users with a large collection of model works of all shapes and sizes, as well as several dozen free writing aids (eg, title and quote generators, plagiarism checker, and grammar, several converters, counters, and calculators). However, behind this righteous facade is a full-fledged essay writer website that even includes the personalized essay writing service!

Today, hiring a professional ghost writer or graduate expert is no problem for any student with a deep pocket. But why are college kids and academics willing to risk their reputations and shell out hundreds of dollars for personalized papers?

Glaring reasons to hire a custom writer

Let’s briefly take a look at the apparent reasons why students try to make the most of on-demand writing services.

  • It is above all a lack of time do all the homework by themselves. This requires prioritizing the tasks to be performed by themselves and outsourced to a personalized homework writing service.
  • High pressure to perform from family, peers and society as a whole. Students often feel like they have to deal with everything in a timely and flawless manner, from essays and problem-solving to extracurricular activities.
  • On the reverse side of the coin is the fear of failure. Often, students pay an exorbitant sum for a college or university. Injecting a hundred dollars more just to avoid failing the course is an easy decision for many.
  • By the way, the price of ordering a newspaper is not as high as many think. Thanks to a welcome discount or a special occasion promo code, cheap personalized handwriting is a usual event.

These are the main, easily spotted reasons why on-demand academic writing wins the hearts of students. But according to industry experts, there is a much deeper motivation, often unrealized by students and missed (or ignored?) By educators.

Custom essay writing services industry and students aren’t the only ones to blame

Today, the total effort of the academic community in the United States to combat personalized essay writing services is focused on perfecting plagiarism detection tools and on bullying students about the legal consequences. of purchasing items. The first approach has a long way to go between finding borrowed content and spotting gaps in each student’s writing style. The latter method has already proven to be inefficient, as write services were quick to implement encrypted browsing and communication. These measures ensure client confidentiality and virtually eliminate the prospect of legal action.

Here is an unpopular take on the matter. While even the best personalized essay writing service obviously cannot benefit students as students on their own, they are not entirely to blame. It is a free market where demand generates supply. Yet students shouldn’t be blamed indiscriminately either – many of them are simply ill-prepared for college by schools, especially public schools.

Dave Tomar, a former college Negro, points out that the vast majority of the clients he ever had were desperate students: “They felt they had no other choice. According to her estimates, around 85% of her clients weren’t looking for the cheating opportunity but a real writing aid. The reason is that they just didn’t know how to do it right and develop a high quality article in the first place: “That person couldn’t write the document if they tried,” says Tomar.

What’s the key to remember here? High schools drop students and fail to prepare them for college writing. Tomar does not offer a viable solution to the problem, but it is absolutely obvious that if the university community is to improve the effectiveness of anti-cheating measures, they should first revisit the way students learn to write in schools. Otherwise, teachers will engage in witch hunts for students who just try the same despite the risks.

So, is even the best personalized writing service worth it?

As mentioned earlier, colleges and universities are constantly upgrading their equipment to detect ghost writes. Today, they go from simply detecting plagiarism to identifying the peculiarities of writing. This allows the authorship of the article to be questioned in the event that there are significant deviations from the articles written by this student previously. Thus, there are still many risks that students take when choosing to purchase an essay or assignment online. Getting caught can result in suspension or even expulsion from an educational institution – depending on its honor code. However, this is extremely unlikely to happen, as reliable custom essay writing companies provide completely original articles and ensure client privacy. For example, the aforementioned websites PaperHelp.org and WowEssays.com only require a valid email to register. Of course, you will need to provide additional information in order to place an order and pay for it. However, even then there is no chance of revealing your identity as these services use PCI DSS compliant payment platforms which eliminate the possibility of fraud and data leakage.

Other risk are the poor quality of products and / or plagiarism. The first is solved by checking the online reputation of service and customer ratings. To deal with the latter, users can order a complete plagiarism report at an additional cost that will be sent with the completed paper. Alternatively, you can use one set of commercial BEACH auditors and pay several dollars to run the piece received. This measure is highly recommended if you order for the first time on an unfamiliar site. The renowned writing companies do not risk their reputation – they perform default plagiarism checks and guarantee the originality of products.

Ultimately, it all comes down to the moral aspect of talking to custom paper copywriters. If for some reason this approach is unacceptable to you, you can always opt to use free samples as writing templates or try to negotiate the deadline with the teacher. If for some reason you are willing to pay someone to write your article specifically tailored to your individual needs, it is your decision and your responsibility. Yes, ethically it’s not quite in line with the principles of academic integrity. But haven’t schools broken this tacit arrangement when they failed to prepare students for the realities of college life and writing in the first place?

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