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The last year is the home stretch. All you have to do is write a graduation paper, defend it and get your diploma in your hands. What is so difficult? Students have time to prepare at least three essays at this stage. It is therefore easy for them to write their doctoral thesis.

But this is not always the case because many people simply do not understand the main difference between an assignment and a diploma thesis and, therefore, are not able to write the latter correctly. In this case, the students have two options: either turn to write my paper for me services or find someone who will help them understand what the difference is between these documents. This is what we are going to do in our article. And at the same time, let’s see not only what distinguishes these two types of paper, but also what unites them.

What are the Similarities Between Essay and Thesis?

Essays and theses have a lot in common. This is not surprising, as both types of articles are research projects. So, before we talk about the differences, let’s see what session and diploma documents have in common.

Both articles sum up something

End of studies assignments and diploma theses are summative assignments, which must demonstrate how the student learned the subject he studied. Only the dissertation summarizes a specific topic, while the diploma exam summarizes all of your university studies.

They have a common structure

The two articles follow the same structure:

  • page title;
  • Table of Contents;
  • introduction;
  • the main part;
  • conclusion;
  • list of references;
  • annexes.

In theses, the main part can consist of different sections and be much larger than in the dissertation. But in general, the structure of these papers does not have any differences.

Subject to the same requirements

As in all scientific research, the dissertation and thesis should work not only on the content but also on the design. The design of both types of paper should be guided by university standards and guidelines and national standards (if applicable).

Both must be defended

It is important not only to write a dissertation and diploma project correctly, but also to defend them. It is worth keeping this in mind at the very beginning of labor. After all, to lead a good defense, you need to:

  • write a defense speech;
  • prepare a presentation;
  • learn and rehearse the performance.

And all these points must be observed for both types of paper.

What is the difference between an essay and a diploma exam?

The ability to see the similarities between an essay and a thesis will help reduce anxiety and better manage thesis writing. However, it is important not only to notice the similarities but also to be able to distinguish one type of paper from another. This will allow you to verify if your research meets the basic requirements.

So let’s take a look at how a thesis differs from an essay and what to look out for when preparing a thesis. Knowing the difference between a thesis and a dissertation is an important part of success.

Different paper sizes

The first sign by which an essay can be distinguished from a diploma, on the outside, is volume. The thesis is at least twice the size of the essay: most of the time, the essay volume is 25-35 pages; the volume of the thesis is 55-75 pages.

Writing time

How much time is allowed to write an essay? Three months. And that does not exempt you from lessons and practical work. It’s different from the diploma. Students prepare their thesis at least six months in advance: they divide this time into stages and always come in consultation with their thesis supervisor.

Of course, there are always daredevils who manage to write a thesis project in a week or even a few nights. Of course, with a help in writing essays you will be able to get high quality paper in no time, but be sure to choose the service with good reviews so that you don’t waste your money for nothing.

The scope of the research of the declared subject

The chosen research topic is also treated differently in these two types of articles. In an essay, as a rule, one aspect of the topic is studied. And in a diploma, the subject is looked at from different angles to get the big picture.

Different analytical depths

An important difference between an essay and a degree is analytical depth. In an essay, the student can review basic theory, research articles on the topic, and simply draw conclusions based on the excerpts given and their own reflections. This type of paper even has a separate name – the theoretical term papers.

But that won’t work with your thesis. In the graduate dissertation it is necessary to conduct practical research, analyze the data, justify the results and only after that, write the conclusion. A graduate thesis often contains additional chapters: analytical, economic, advisory, and others. This is just necessary for in-depth study of the main topic.

Number of sources

Another quantitative indicator is the total number of bibliographic documents on which the student relies in his research. Standard numbers: for a dissertation – from 20 to 25 sources; for a thesis – from 30 to 50 sources.

The list of references includes not only scientific manuals and monographs, but also Internet links, making them conform to the standards.

Different levels of importance

The dissertation is an academic article, which is not of great scientific value. It is therefore only evaluated by the teacher. But the diploma is a kind of test not only of the knowledge of a particular student, but also of the qualifications of the supervisor and of the department as a whole. Therefore, it is worth adopting a responsible attitude towards the preparation of the graduation qualification work. Remember that the thesis protects not only your knowledge but also the reputation of those who taught you.

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