Writing a research dissertation in your undergraduate degree

Writing a research paper in your undergraduate years can seem daunting, but knowing a few basic tips ahead of time will make the process easier.


Writing a research dissertation in your undergraduate degree

Writing a research paper in your undergraduate years can seem daunting, but knowing a few basic tips ahead of time will make the process easier.

If you are in your undergraduate years, you have definitely come across research papers. Rigorous well-written pages given for study by your faculty often intrigue inquiring minds as to how to create one themselves. Knowing how to write a research dissertation is an essential skill that students should have at their disposal, especially if graduation requires the submission of a dissertation. Even though most of us deal with review articles, we often lack expertise in writing an article based on original research. Here are some basic tips and ideas to keep in mind when writing your own research paper during your undergraduate years.


The first step is to choose a topic. This is one of the most critical and frustrating parts. When choosing a topic, be sure to do proper research. The link with the subject is important. Mashaekh Hassan, an anthropology student from BRAC University, chose Sylvia Plath, a literature-rich topic for his research paper, even though the topic didn’t fit his major. He said, “I strongly prefer people to have an open mind when it comes to choosing a topic. It is essential to make good use of research opportunities and focus on gaining experience. An important thing to keep in mind is to be as specific as possible: Research a specific area that matches your undergraduate concentration or interests. Make sure you’re not covering something that has already been extensively covered by many similar articles.

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Mahima Ishrat, an economics major from East Delta University, wrote her paper on Blockchain technology, which refers to the process of tracking and recording transactions in businesses through a digitized ledger. Mahima has always found the world of technology and business fascinating. She believes that as the business world becomes increasingly dynamic, it is essential to introduce new technologies that will improve operations and experiences and help gain a competitive advantage. According to Mahima, you can write a great article if you really believe in the idea.

Thesis statement

Preservation of the thesis statement is an essential part of the article. The statement summarizes the subject of the document. The thesis defines the main idea of ​​the article. Your thesis statement should be able to set expectations for readers so much that they enter the document. Normally, a thesis statement is written in the last line of your introductory paragraph, but this method may differ depending on your topic and/or focus. If you’re not sure how to approach your thesis statement, browse through existing research articles that cover similar topics and try to see how they’ve addressed the topic you’re thinking of. Bring in single points and develop an argument – ​​which should be clearly stated in your thesis statement.

To research

When writing the article, the most common problem you will face is finding genuine and relevant publications for the article. Nuzaba Tasannum, an environmental science major from Asian Women’s University, has worked on two research papers so far. She was confused when she started writing her first research paper. She said: “The main challenge was finding the appropriate research papers that were recent enough to match the research area of ​​the literature and reference sections of my review article.” Finding the right topic will eventually lead you to a plethora of sources from which you can get information – just be sure to narrow it down so you can do more in-depth research.

When Mahima was working on her article regarding blockchain technology, she faced the same problem. The subject was new, so its area of ​​study in the hospitality industry and blockchain technology lacked research. She added, “I looked for relevant data in other areas of the service industry, including the banking sector and the supply chain sector, because they had good research.” Remember to cite your sources when you put the material in your article, otherwise your research will not have the reliable support it needs to back up your presented argument. JSTOR and Google Scholar are good places to start looking for research papers.


Citations play an essential role in the credibility of the article. You also make the information easily accessible to your readers so they can check the sources as well. Be absolutely aware that without a proper citation, your article is considered a plagiarized work. Citations follow specific formatting rules, with many citation formats available. Two of the most common are APA (American Psychological Association) style references – popular in psychology, science and education – and MLA (Modern Language Association) – used in the field of humanities. There is also the Chicago style which is often used in history, business and fine art. Choose the standard format according to the field in which your research project falls. Be sure to consult a teacher or an elderly person if you are unsure.


It goes without saying, but re-read them constantly. The best thing to do is to let your peers and elders read your article and offer you honest suggestions to improve your article. A major problem that arises when publishing articles is that of predatory editors. They attract students by having their articles published in exchange for a fee. Maliha Kabir, a bioinformatics and biotechnology major at Asian Women’s University, thinks it rarely feels good. She adds, “If you publish in these kinds of journals, all your hard work and effort will be invalidated. Moreover, a student can never improve their skills because these predatory journals do not publish on a quality basis. “That’s why I believe,” Maliha says again, “you need to have a review board that will tell you where you’re lacking and where you need to improve. People who already have experience writing and publishing ‘items will make the best candidate.” The importance of a peer-reviewed journal cannot be overlooked, as it adds much-needed quality, depth, and clarity to the research and the topic.

You should look for opportunities to work with researchers at your university. You will gain first-hand experience working on research papers. Additionally, you will learn about various aspects of working on a research paper. Overall, writing a research paper is quite easy. Just be sure to spend time selecting your topic and pay attention to the topic being asked throughout the article. Don’t fall under the pressure of not being able to finish on time. Keep working until you feel confident with your paper, and your paper will reward you in the process.

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