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Meaning of the research document

A research paper is a long piece of writing that contains a researcher’s assessment or opinions on a specific theme or topic. The term “scholar” in this context can refer to either a student, lecturer or teacher, or anyone in search of knowledge. Likewise, a research paper is any formal writing that reinforces the views or interpretation of its author regarding a specific topic.

Importance of a Research Paper in Academic Writing

The importance of a research paper in academia or academic writing includes the following:

  • It serves to identify certain problems and ideas concerning specific topics in different disciplines.
  • It serves to give students more knowledge about specific topics or areas of academia.
  • It serves as a means of expanding the thinking faculty of students. Indeed, when writing a research paper, students tend to see ideas from different angles and better organize their ideas.
  • It serves as a means of communication and exchange of different ideas among scholars,

Types of academic documents

The types of research papers in academia are quite numerous. Here are some examples :

  • Final research paper: This is intended to identify a writer’s definition of a certain topic.
  • Cause and Effect Research Paper: This aims to demand the causes and effects of a certain subject.
  • Interpretative document: This aims to identify the author’s point of view or interpretation on a specific topic.
  • Experimental research paper: This aims to shorten in detail the experimental process of a specific subject.
  • Persuasive research paper: This places the sole responsibility on the author to prove to other scholars that his or her views on a particular topic are candid and reasonable.

Writing a research paper should be an experience that students and other researchers should savor. This is so because of the wide range of new knowledge accessible during this particular period.

However, most researchers often face the problem of compiling a research paper efficiently and profiting from the experience.

Key tips for writing a research paper

A plan is an informal writing that contains the subtitles of everything that needs to be written in an actual formal writing. Likewise, it can be a form of writing map written by a writer before the start of an original piece of writing.

An outline aims to instruct the writer on how to arrange or organize a piece of writing as it should. An outline also serves as a way to make the whole writing process less cumbersome or stressful. This is so because a writer will be properly equipped with the knowledge of when and how to research an article and properly organize a formal piece. Therefore, writers and scholars are advised to compile an outline before writing an academic piece, not just a research paper.

  • Conduct proper research before hand

The essence of conducting research before the writing process begins is to endow the writer with the following benefits:

  • It gives the author a general overview of the subject of the research paper.
  • This way, the writer will know which areas of research to dissect properly and which areas to avoid entirely during the writing process.
  • It helps in organizing ideas and writing writing. Thus giving the writer a sense of direction throughout the writing process.
  • Create a concise thesis statement

A thesis statement is the main point of a formal writing. In a nutshell, it can be considered as an overarching topic sentence that contains a concise summary of the entire academic paper that is to be written.

So it is the most important aspect of any academic writing and its composition is not so stressful. Before creating a thesis statement, the author should ask themselves the following questions:

  • What is the subject of the research?
  • How can the subject be examined or analyzed?
  • What methods can be used to prove the stated point?
  • What will be the expected result(s)?

To effectively compose or create a thesis statement, however, the author must adhere to the following steps:

  • Compile all ideas into a list.
  • Summarize all sentences as concisely as possible.
  • Try to capture all of these ideas in a singular sentence.

The purpose of a thesis statement is to explain the entire purpose of the research paper.

  • Cite all sources accurately

It is a permanent rule in academic writing that all sources used during the research process for an article must be cited in the research article. This is done as a way to give credit to the authors of these works as well as a way to avoid plagiarism. Similarly, inappropriate citation can also be considered a form of plagiarism. Therefore, researchers are advised to record all sources referred to during the writing process and cite them properly. These sources can be recorded on paper once they are discovered. Citation styles also tend to vary depending on the discipline of the researcher. Therefore, students are also encouraged to determine the citation styles of their various disciplines. If you cannot cite the sources, you can consult mendeley.com. Its sole purpose is to help writers properly cite or reference sources.

  • Proofread and proofread before submitting

Proofreading is the art of cross-checking and correct typos in fully established academic writing. The essence of proofreading an academic piece at least twice before submission is to ensure that it is properly organized, ordered, and free from any form of error. The researcher can perform the first form of proofreading; this can be done by the following means:

  • Check if the words are spelled correctly and if the sentences are well organized.
  • Check if the punctuation marks are placed in the right places.
  • Check if the sentences and paragraphs are well layered and structured.

After this process, the writer is allowed to use anti-plagiarism tools and no spell checker like Grammarly to make sure the piece is as organized as supposed and free of plagiarism.

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